About trail

The route of the third Papal Trail in the Diocese of Ełk commemorates Wojtyła’s kayak trip in 1957. In July and August of 1957 the future Pope, together with a group of young academics from Cracow, sailed from Sorkwit. It is worth mentioning that for the four academics – Danuta and the Servant of God Jerzy Ciesielski as well as Danuta and Stanisław Rybicki – the trip was a part of their honeymoon.

The trail was open on 21st August 2015 as an initiative of the Bishop of the Ełk Diocese Jerzy Mazur SVD. The trail was inaugurated by Cardinal Gerhard Müller – the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith. Thanks to the efforts of the priest Waldemar Sawicki – the parson in Ukt and members of his congregation the event was commemorated on an obelisk erected on the shore of river Krutynia.

The main theme of the trail focuses on the Divine Mercy and its earthly Apostles. Trail leads through Krutynia river passing beautiful streams and lakes. It is one of the most popular kayak trails in Mazury and one of the most beautiful trails in Poland.

The trail is divided into 5 stages:
– first one invites you to consider the DIvine Mercy
– second one is devoted to Saint Sister Faustyna Kowalska
– Third one commemorates blessed priest Michał Sopoćko, Faustyna’s confessor and spiritual guide
– Fourth is dedicated to saint John Paul II
– Fifth invites you to contemplate youe own life and the role the Divine Mercy plays in it.

Trail stages

Stage – I
The first stage is an opportunity to tilt up the gift of God’s Mercy, which is strictly necessary for us and it is something that we all yearn.
Stage – II
During the canoe journey on the second stage St. S. Faustina Kowalska can become our spiritual guide. She is known as the apostle of the Divine Mercy. Her immersed in the vastness of Mercy life was full of humility, hard work and struggle. It can become for us a mirror in which we discover our true face of the measure of everyday life.
Stage – III
The gift of spiritual direction and sacramental ministry of reconciliation is the keynote of the third stage. Blessed Father Michael Sopocko, confessor St. S. Faustina is the patron of the third stage. Speeding and immersed in the chaos world need insightful priests who restore hope by spilling grace of mercy into the hearts of doubters and weak.
Stage – IV
Undoubtedly advocate of Divine Mercy is St. Pope John Paul II. Personality and the attitude of this Apostle we can discover and explore during the fourth stage of our trail. His Entrustment of the World to Divine Mercy can become the content of our reflection and prayer. We can meditate on it in a kayak enjoying the beautiful places in Elk Diocese.
Stage – V
The last – fifth stage – is an opportunity to reflect on our life and whether we have space in it for the Divine Mercy. Am I really a man who is generously immersed in Gods mercy? Am I ready to become the Apostle of Mercy?