Action I The tour guiding workshops

The tour guiding workshops will consist of 30-hours of classes about history and nature of the region lead by the employees of Wigry National Park, Augustów Forest District and the humanists for one hundred people from Diocese of Ełk. The participants will learn how to talk about the history and natural beauty of the region in an attractive and engaging way to encourage the guests to revisit the region in the future. Additionally, the inhabitants will be encouraged to develop and explore their historical, natural and Christian identity which will connect them to their region. The effectiveness of the workshop will be assessed through the questioner completed by the participants.


Action II Multimedia visualisation

As a part of this action we built a professional website and mobile app linked to the project. Thanks to the app the hosts and their guests will be able to plan their travel around our Diocese, find the historically significant places, learn about regional traditions, admire the beauty of the landscape and publish their thoughts, pictures and notes. The interactive nature of this part of the project will allow to transform the initial fascination about the new place into deep fondness, thanks to which our guest will revisit the region with their families and friends during holidays. The illustrated notepad for participants will additionally reinforce this process. The notepad will be developed by the participants of the workshops under the supervision of qualified leaders. It will include a valuable information about the places to stay, historic landmarks and local customs. It will inspire the participants to make personal notes and to record their memories in this region called the green lungs of Poland.


Action III Study visit

Among the group of 10 000 participants of WYD assigned to our Diocese a thousand of them will take part in the study tour. Together with their hosts (families and young people) they will be transported to the number of historical places (Ełk, Ostrykół, Augustów-Studzieniczna, Giby, Sejny, Wigry), where they will meet with the curators and custodians.
In Wigry guests will get a chance to visit the Museum of Wigry National Park with its wealth of fauna and flora. In the post-Camaldolese Monastery, after the sightseeing of the complex, they will get a chance to bake a traditional cake – sękacz – over an open fire and learn how to make traditional dishes for example kartacze and enjoy a peaceful rest in a tavern in the monastery’s gardens.
In their free time the participants will get a chance to follow the Papal Trails on the Triton Ship or in a kayak.
In Ełk the participants will get to see a specially prepared show, participate in concerts, and get to know each other during meals and free time and meals at the main celebrations of the Youth Day organised as a part of WYD in Ełk Diocese.