There are many ways to appreciate the beautiful land of the north-western Poland. We suggest following three Papal Trails. On your journey you can admire beautiful nature, meet friendly locals and learn about fascinating history of this place. In this special place you can also travel within yourself
searching for your life purpose.
We invite you to choose John Paul II as your guide – the saint and the figure loved by the Poles during his lifetime and revered after his canonisation.
Here, as a young man, Karol Wojtyła, future Pope, liked to rest among friends and colleagues. He sailed in his kayak, backpacked, lived in a tent, talked to people and prayed. In other words, he embraced a healthy lifestyle even before it became fashionable.
Once Pope said to his countrymen:
I visited here. Please look after these Trails. Today we are trying to fulfil his request. Every day we meet new, great people who we invite to join us on this journey. We invite you as well to walk The Papal Trails of the Diocese of Ełk with us.