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Kayak Rental
Wigry and surrounding villages are well equipped to provide various tourist services. Currently there are many kayak rentals which organize kayaking trips. Therefore, renting all the necessary equipment shouldn’t be a problem. If you need any help organizing your trip please contact the Wigry.pro Trust which is based in the post-Camaldolese monastery in Wigry.

Useful address
Fundacja Wigry.pro
Wigry 11
Suwałki 16-402
e-mail: recepcja@wigry.pro
Tel. 87 566-24-99


The route of this Papal Trail is based on the kayak trip Karol Wojtyła took with young academics from Cracow in 19th July 1954. Nine participants and their Uncle (this is how they called Karol Wojtyła at a time) reached Augustów – their final destination on 31st July 1954.

The Route of the Karol Wojtyła’s kayak trip in 1954
19.07 Suwałki – Dąbrówka – Czarnohuciańskie Lake
20.07 Kamionka – Pierty Lake – Wigry Lake
21.07 Wigry Lake – Białe Lake
22.07 Białe Lake – Wigry Lake – Muliczne Lake
23.07 Muliczne Lake – Wigry Lake – Czarna Hańcza (Buda Ruska)
24.07 Buda Ruska – Czarna Hańcza – Frącki
25.07 Frącki – Czarna Hańcza – Łozki
26.07 Łozki – Czarna Hańcza – Rygol – Augustów Canal– Mikaszówka
27.07 Mikaszówka – Augustów Canal – Płaska
28.07 Płaska – Augustów Canal – J. Serwy
29.07 Serwy Lake – Augustów Canal– Studzieniczna
30.07 Studzieniczna – Białe Lake – Necko Lake
31.07 Necko Lake – Augustów Harbor

One hundred and forty kilometres-long trail is one of the most beautiful in Poland. Karol Wojtyła began his trip in Suwałki but the Papal Trail begins in Wigry. It leads through Czarna Hańcza – a very picturesque but temperamental river – Augustów Canal up to Augustów – Studzieniczna. On the way one can see varied landscape dotted with villages and towns, pass through wild forests and sail through manual operated river locks. Beautiful Polish landscape is going to charm anyone who enjoys active tourism in a breathtaking scenery.

Pilgrimage through the Kayak Papal
Trail The Mysteries of Entrustment is a great opportunity to explore God, history and nature. It is important that, whilst traveling through these beautiful region, one considers the important message John Paul II left to us in his Acts – the Mysteries of Entrustment. When traveling please remember about following health and safety regulations so that you can come back home safe, rested and relaxed.

Trail stages


The Kayak Trail Mysteries of Entrustment begins at the post-Camaldolese monastery in Wigry. The first stage is dominated by the irregular shore line of one of the most beautiful Polish lakes – Wigry. This territory belongs to the Wigry National Park and the area is highly protected. You can sail the lake in kayaks, boats or sailboats without engines. The silence enforced by this regulation allows for the contemplation of the Act of Personal Entrustment of John Paul II to Virgin Mary in a Latin phrase Totus Tuus. Once you sailed through the lake you will reach Czarna Hańcza river. You will sail through this river for many kilometres and no doubt it will surprise you in number of ways. At this stage the river is slow but it will change in the following days. Czarna Hańcza meanders through backwaters and marshes. The current is slow and the slope is not steep. You should reach Wysoki Most with considerable stamina.

Useful Address
PTTK Water Sport Centre in Wysoki Most Located in the forest by Czarna Hańcza river in the centre of Wigry National Park the Water Sport Centre offers bungalows and camping space. It is open from 1st June till 30th September
16-504 Wysoki Most
tel. +48 87 634 38 50
kom. +48 601 386 032

After passing by Wysoki Most the river changes in character. The current is faster, the banks are steep and sandy. On the way you will pass the fallen threes and beaver lodges. You will sail under the number of bridges and encounter small islands of cane or big river stones. You will enter the primeval areas of the Augustów forest. This stage is devoted to the contemplation of the Act of Entrustment of all the Individuals and Peoples of the World to the Immaculate Heart of Virgin Mary, which was declared on 25th March 1984 in Rome.

The water sport centre in Frącki Is located on the sandy, left bank of Czarna Hańcza. You can stay a night in one of the bungalows or at a camp site. It is a good place for kayakers but also a great base for travels on foot and by bike. It has a designated spot for a camp fire, sport grounds, sauna and barbecue as well as a bar. You can make a reservation under following address:
Stanica Wodna Frącki
16-500 Frącki
Tel: +48 884 99 33 33
E-mail: stanica@stanicafracki.pl

At this stage Czarna Hańcza shows its wilder side. The fallen trees and the surrounding forest create a unique atmosphere of this stage. The river is demanding and requires great level of manoeuvring skills as well as good physical condition. You will sail through number of tricky river bends. On your way you can admire the forked oaks and giant spruce. This stage ends in Jałowy Róg near Mikaszówka, where you can find historic parish and church (for more information please turn to page 34) Whilst traveling through these beautiful surroundings please consider next mystery of the entrustment – the Act of Entrustment of the World and the Third Millennium to the Immaculate Heart of Virgin Mary in the Jubilee Year 2000 (8th October 2000).

The Water Sport Centre Jałowy Róg has tourist accommodation and a cam site. It is open from 1st May till 30th September.
Jałowy Róg 2
16-326 Płaska
tel. +48 78 599 14 37
kom. +48 501 496 500

From Czarna Hańcza we sail onto the Augustów Canal. Undoubtedly the biggest tourist attraction on that route is the hand operated locks located on the Canal. During this stage please think about the Act of Entrustment of the destiny of the world to the Divine Mercy in Łagiewniki (17th August 2002). This stage finishes in Sucha Rzeka by the Serwy Lake — one of the cleanest lakes in Poland. If you choose so you can stay a night in the hostel run by the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association.

Hostel run by Polish Scouting
and Guiding Association
tel. 504 216 757 or 503 089 970
e-mail: kalinosu@op.pl

Sucha Rzeczka begins the final stage of the kayak trail. You will sail to Studzieniczna, with the Sanctuary of Virgin Mary of Studzieniczna (read more on page 26) and to Augustów. To avoid rushing it is worth starting early. On your way you can admire the beauty of Studzieniczne Lake and Białe Augustowskie Lake. At this stage we invite you to consider your own personal Act of Entrustment to the Merciful Jesus and His Mother.

Augustów Canal
It was created in the first half of 19th century as a water route for the transport of grain to Gdańsk, which allowed Polish merchants to avoid paying tax to Prussian authorities. The Canal is 101 kilometres long and runs both in Poland and Belarus. There are 18 locks on the Canal, 14 of them in Poland and 4 in Belarus. Thanks to the President’s decree from 25thApril 2007 Augustowski Canal was listed as a historic monument. Augustów Canal was included in the European Route of Transport and Communication which is a part of European Tracks of the Industrial Revolution.